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GHA Abogados | GADEA HERRERA ÁVILA, formerly Gadea & Asociados, was founded in the year 2007 with the purpose of forming a firm capable of providing to form a firm capable of providing efficient and effective legal advice at a national and international level, in different areas of law in different areas of law, with emphasis on intellectual property. In its beginnings mainly provided legal advisory services in the civil, commercial, litigation, and intellectual property fields, which is the specialty of its founder intellectual property, a specialty of its founder, and later, given the increase of the client portfolio that demanded more specialized clients that demanded more specialized attention in other areas of law, the aforementioned objective was achieved through the incorporation of specialized attorneys the incorporation of professional lawyers specialized in different areas. Currently we have a staff of professionals with extensive experience in different fields of law, who form work teams according to each particular case, so as to have a comprehensive vision that allows us to obtain optimal results for our clients.